Your Beautiful Face – Seven Oils for Seven Days   Roman Soldiers and Your Beautiful Face by Jill Taylor   We're just coming out of the Christmas season – a time of beauty and love and remembering the one who was born for us and who was beaten and died for us. Thank you, Jesus!! […]

Your Beautiful Face – Seven Oils in Seven Days Day 1 – A Mint Julep For Your Face! by Jill Taylor   What better way to wake up in the morning than with the stimulating and refreshing effects of "a mint julep for your face"?! Treat your face with the minty zing of peppermint oil […]

Photo courtesy of Hall Health Center  University of Washington Your Beautiful Face! A Simple Secret to Having Beautiful Skin at Any Age by Jill Taylor In my previous article, I spoke of how what we think about and what we believe affects our ability to stay young. I have seen many people marvel at not […]

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