Ancient Roman Soldiers And Your Beautiful Face

by Jill

Your Beautiful Face – Seven Oils for Seven Days
Roman Soldiers and Your Beautiful Face
by Jill Taylor

We're just coming out of the Christmas season – a time of beauty and love and remembering the one who was born for us and who was beaten and died for us. Thank you, Jesus!!

As I contemplated my next article with the Christmas season fast approaching, I thought I would enjoy writing an article that reflected on the subject of Christmas. Christmas as we know, is a time of giving and for me, a beautiful way of giving is by sharing the profound healing benefits of therapeutic essential oils that could dramatically affect another person's life. However, Christmas has once again flown by. My following article will be on the subject of valor, courage and confidence which I pray will strengthen and bless you as you begin anew in 2012.

Much love and many blessings to you and your loved ones as you confidently step into a healthy, prosperous, joyous and love-filled New Year!!
"Valor grows by daring, fear by holding back."
~ Publilius Syrus
There is no question we face many challenges in our world today. In each of these challenges we have an opportunity to rise to the occasion with courage, strength and confidence – or react with or cower in fear.
How courageous are you feeling these days as you battle the common stresses of life?

What are some instances where we could use more courage?

How often does fear limit us, block us, or bring us down?

If the opposite of fear is courage (or bravery or valor), what level of freedom do we experience when we have courage? For me, when rather than fear, I feel courage, I am exhilarated by the confidence and freedom I feel!

My most powerful tools for overcoming fear and feeling courageous and confident are speaking scriptures and God's words. A few of them are:

Oppression and fear will not come near you. Isaiah 54:15

I am of God and have overcome the enemy. For greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. 1 John 4:4

I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome ALL the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. Luke 10:19, 20
I also use my Valor essential oil blend that contains frankincense, spruce, rosewood, and blue tansy. Did you know Young Living's Valor essential oil blend was created for not only powerful physical benefits but for giving us courage as well? The Webster definition of valor is "strength of mind or spirit that enables a person to encounter danger with firmness: personal bravery."
Did you know in ancient times, Roman soldiers would bathe in oils such as frankincense, spruce, rosewood, and blue tansy before they went into battle to give them strength and courage? Hence, Young Living's Valor essential oil blend was formulated for giving us courage.

In modern times, what are some situations where we may encounter fear in our daily lives?

Have you experienced any of the following situations where you have felt fear where you would rather have felt more courage and confidence?

  • Resolving a disagreement or conflict with a loved one co-worker, or friend?
  • Interviewing for a new job?
  • Speaking to a stranger you'd like to bless?
  • Giving a business or school presentation?
  • Giving a public performance?
  • Going on a "first date"?
  • Calling a potential client?

So what do Roman soldiers have to do with your beautiful face?? Let's explore…

By remembering what I can do to feel brave and confident I am able to lessen the amount of stress I experience and experience an extraordinary feeling of freedom and strength. Since constant stress produces cortisol and free radicals in our bodies (both of which accelerate aging), when I replace fear with courage and confidence, I am increasing my ability to stay young and beautiful!

In addition, the oxygenating, free-radical quenching properties of oils such as frankincense, rosewood, spruce and blue tansy (all found in Valor) keep my skin young and beautiful.

Enjoy the following Valor testimonials for beautiful skin.

Fight wrinkles bravely with Valor!
I have started to apply a few drops of Valor to my face and throat in the morning and evening, before I add any other creams or oils. I may also add a few drops of Frankincense. I have found those 'whistle marks' around my mouth are greatly softened in the morning. Also, my skin in general looks refreshed and rosy. – Gloria Cannon
Valor and sun spots
I use Valor on my chest and the appearance of my skin has dramatically improved. I have sun damage and it is most noticeable there. After using Valor for only a couple of months, my skin looks smoother and doesn't have any noticeable sun spots.  – Leanne Boyes
Enjoy other Valor testimonials below…
New lease on life with "Chiropractor in a bottle"
A serious auto accident at age 7 left me with 2 cracked vertebrae. As time went on, I lived with what felt like a knife in my back that turned as the day went on. Years later, I learned of a "hip-atlas" technique and Valor ("Chiropractor in a Bottle").
With this technique and applying Valor daily and every few hours while traveling, I finally experienced great relief.
I used "Chiropractor in a Bottle" every 2 hours. Gradually I decreased the frequency of applications. On my next long drive, I put it on before we set out in the morning and 9 hours later, I realized I had not thought about my back all day!
WOW!! O Happy VALOR!
That was 10 years ago. Just recently, in a class, I told those in attendance I can’t remember the last time I felt the "knife" in my back.
Thank you Gary Young for your research and for creating Valor that released me from 35 years of back pain.
Professional singer performs with 6 broken ribs
I fell off a 9 ft. roof onto the pavement while doing some roofing work and was in the hospital for 3 days. I broke six ribs and cracked two others and could hardly walk due to the Impact.
I'm a professional singer and had four big concerts coming up, the first scheduled only 10 days after my accident. Among the prayers from our family and friends and the suggestions from health workers, we were introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. Shondra helped me apply Young Living's Valor and lavender oils to the bottom of my feet and wintergreen and PanAway to my back & ribs while I was in the hospital and consistently for the following ten days after my return home. My clients and audiences never knew of my injuries and after my performances when I explained what had happened to me, shocked and amazed, having no idea I was performing with 6 broken ribs.
We are sharing this testimony and the oils with as many people as we can because we know first hand they work and we know everyone can benefit by using them." – Tom Jepperson, San Diego, CA
Hair loss improved with Valor and other oils
Since joining Young Living about eight months ago I've settled into using Young Living Essential Oils En-R-Gee, Lemon, Valor, Clarity, and Lavender as my personal oils, just for general health. For many years as part of my morning bathroom routine, I've been massaging my scalp before combing my hair. As a result, my sink bowl has always been covered with many hairs. Recently I noticed scarcely any hair is falling out now. The difference is like night and day. I credit the oils for this change, but which one or ones I have no idea. I understand Rosemary (in Clarity), Lemon, and Lavender are good for the hair. What a pleasant surprise!"  – Bruce Rutherford, Westmont, IL
Valor for resilience, mental clarity & confidence
I use Valor on the bottom of my feet before the start of a long or potentially stressful day. 4-6 drops on each foot. For important meetings, it helps provide confidence and focus. For long days on my feet, it helps provide the resilience I need to push through to the end. For days I'm having a hard time prioritizing and staying on task, it helps provide mental clarity. Valor is one of my favorite oils!   – Megan Tardiff
Valor promotes a feeling of confidence
I am so excited about using Valor! As a small business owner in sales, I often experience anxiety in approaching new contacts or making my follow-up calls. Using Valor has helped immensely! It gives me a feeling of confidence which projects in my demeanor. Using Valor in this way helps me to focus on my client rather than my insecurities. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! – Wanda Stachowski

Valor gives confidence when speaking in public
My friend, Mellissa shared a Valor story that was so powerful. Valor assists with confidence. I have used it a few times and felt a bounce in my step, but I was hesitant to make the connection to using Valor. Well I am no longer skeptical! Melissa was preparing to speak in front of a very large group of people, I think she said close to 200. She told me she gets so nervous prior to talking… her heart races, she gets sweaty, and her stomach is in knots.

She used Valor everywhere… On her feet, on her wrists, on her neck, and inhaled it. She was thrilled she did not experience any nerves at all! She was amazed… She said if she did not try it she would never have believed it. Hearing her talk, made me smile and realize that I had been receiving the same results. I use Valor whenever I need a little extra confidence. I love the extra boost I get from it! – Ann Barrante
Valor and my "electrical" system

For 7 years my chiropractor had been doing muscle testing on me at each appointment and he was always disappointed I was not 'electrical'. After recalling Valor is called "Chiropractor In a Bottle", I used VALOR on my feet one morning. I went to my afternoon appointment with my chiropractor and he was astonished I was suddenly 'very electrical!' He is now using VALOR on himself, his wife, his office staff and some of his patients. ~ Donna Bath
"Chiropractor in a Bottle"
Just had to share about the amazing oil Valor. Valor is a blend of sweet almond oil, spruce, rosewood, blue tansy and frankincense. Gary formulated this for courage but there is a unique property of this blend. It actually has the same energy frequency number as our bones. So it has been called "Chiropractor In a Bottle.'

So one night, I was having an Essential Oil meeting in my home and my back was hurting so bad. My friend had me lie on the bed and dropped about 3-5 drops on the area. As she began to disperse it in, we heard this loud 'POP' !!!! She heard and felt it. She had not massaged it or put any pressure on my back, she just began to sweep it out like we do in Raindrop Technique taught by Dr. Young and Dr. David Stewart.

Needless to say, we had an awesome testimony for the meeting that night. Since then, it has happened two more times.

That night at the meeting, a girl was having back pain so we applied Valor and nothing happened. I later got a call saying as friend was getting into her car after applying the Valor, her back adjusted itself and she was pain free!!   ~ Gina Whatley, RN

Valor brings about confidence
While l was speaking my Young Living friend one day l mentioned l had low self esteem. He suggested l use Valor oil as l would see drastic changes. Three bottles later, l started speaking in our meetings at work! Oils and prayer really work. 
– Danny Castrucci (Australia)

These are just a few of the Valor stories… To read additional fascinating Valor testimonials, go to create a login, go to 'Basic Search' and type in 'Valor'.

Lastly, my handsome and amazing son, Derek (Daddy of my new and first grand-baby!) shares his story below.
“Hi, my name is Derek Hays, and I like sports and anything involving nature…” Growing up as a shy and quiet kid, one of my least favorite times was the first week of school when you have to stand up and introduce yourself in front of the entire class. I remember my freshman year of high school being especially nerve racking as I was in a completely new environment.
My mom had been using Young Living essential oils for a few years at this point and suggested I use some Valor oil. She gave me a bottle to take to school and said to put it on my wrists or temples whenever I started feeling nervous. To my surprise it really did help me! Valor gave me a calm, grounding feeling and a quiet confidence that made it easy to stand up and introduce myself in front of the entire class.
Valor is an empowering combination of therapeutic-grade essential oils that works with both the physical and spiritual aspects of the body to increase feelings of strength, courage, and self-esteem in the face of adversity. Renowned for its strengthening qualities, Valor enhances an individuals internal resources. It has also been found to help energy alignment in the body. Fourteen years later, Valor is still one of my favorite oils and helps to balance me mentally and emotionally every day.



In conclusion, I encourage you to step forward boldly in your life with new VALOR, COURAGE, and CONFIDENCE – and pursue your destiny!
Try Young Living's Valor Essential Oil today, click on the image below!
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 Jill Taylor "walks her talk" when it comes to anti-aging and youthfulness, and if you've met her, you know this is true. Her passion and expertise for staying young and healthy has helped hundreds of clients the last 14 years. With a strong background in health, nutrition, integrative medicine, and anti-aging, Jill equips her clients with resources, learning, and encouragement to live healthier, more youthful lives.


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1 Dawn Ryan

Thanks for another great article!  Valor was in my very first oils order, 13 years ago?  I often use it with new chair massage clients.  It has such a beautiful scent, too.


2 Jill

Hi Dawn,

You’re welcome and thank you for your great comments!


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